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April 30, 2012


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August 17th, 2012 Update: Hi Hi! Yes this is your lazy Mod :iconthe-devil-butterfly: Umm I've come to update this bitch cause it's been awhile and like always please help me by letting me know of any fics I may have missed so I can added to the list. Yes I will take fics from all places,, tumblr, livejournal you name it!!

I'll try to get back to updating this frequently I know I've been lagging behind :iconmiseryplz:

Also wanted to add: If you noticed I update this with fics from Newest to Oldest, with name of Author on top. HOWEVER If An Author is already listed with an established fic and they have written new fics, I list it (from newest to oldest) under that Author's name.

That is all! :icondivaplz:

=====     =====

***Already Established Stories with Update!!***

Forgotten Scars's Chapter 9 is updated!!

The Gateway is up to 13 chatpers!

Thicker than Water is up to 8 chapters!
Smirk is also up to chapter 8!

Hostage is currently up to chapter 13 on tumblr!!

Enemy Mine has 17 chapters up!!

Perhaps in Another Lifetime updated chapters 21 to 29!! (Story link down below)

The Cave II Shadows of the City Up to Chapter 4!!

Hidden Inside the Gray is Completed!

=====     =====

***Stories from Newest to Oldest***

Author: HissingSnake… The Healing
Is up to 15 chapters!… Phantom of the Amorra
Up to chapter 3

Author: Maydei… Forgotten Scars
Chapter 9 Updated!!

Author:Sholvakree… Are You Gonna Eat That?

Author: Aimsaru… Bestial (One shot)

Author: Moondweller483… Anti Reality
up to chapter 6!…

Author: MiniDoom… Lies
up to chapter 7

Author: UltimatePanda
NEW!!… Republic City High
Up to Chapter 3… Sappy Romance Novel… Undercover… Gone… Lost Hope… Hell's Chance
Up to Chapter 11

Author: RememberedAnonymous
New!!… The Fall
Up to Five Chapters… Rival
Completed!… The North Star

Author: Forfaxia… North
Up to Chapter 6

Author: Phantom Phanatic… My Friend the Enemy

Author: ilovemybishies87… A Single Step

Author: SmilinForYa… What Lies Beneath

Author: Decepti-Kitty… Enemy Mine
chapters been updated to chapter 17!!

Author: Fannishcodex… That Awkward Moment (This story isn't particular new however it bares mentioning and notice cause I didn't know how to link to it from the kink meme lj and since the author of this story put it up on their tumblr and i just happened to come by it DAMN IT, IT'S GOING HERE!! And the fact I rly love this one-shot, come at me bro)

There's also a little sort of sequel as well… Mother Bends Everything, Father Bends Nothing (oh god i can't wait for the next part to this story so good!)

Author: Sythe
**NEW**… Book Air
Up to chapter 3… Eternal Return

Author: The.One.Who.Burned.The.Sun… The Gateway
Up to Chapter 13… Haunted

Author: Resmiranda… Palindrome

Author: Pink-affinity… Equals

Author: Adriaticjellyfishsting… A Masked Man

Author: Ryuki Rose… Srs Bsnss… Vacation… Burdens
Completed… Redemption
Chapter update up to 16!!!

Author: AmyV00… Secrets and Lies

Author: EvilRevan… Dark Temptations… Flaming Ruin
Up to Chapter 6!!

Author: Jacqui Cooper… A Quick Greeting ONESHOT

Author: Masksarehot… The Cave
COMPLETED!… The Cave II Shadows of the City
Sequel! Up to Chapter 4!

Author: 01up… Secret Meetings

Author: The Cry of the Wolf… Hidden inside the Gray
Now on…

Author: HawaiianGurl808… The Callings of the Equalist, a series of prompt one-shots
chapter 4 is up!!

Author: Snow and Tell… Rookie

Author: magdalene_1024… Touch

Author: Cait-Win aka Ellfie… Daily Lessons by Cait-Win also found here:… by Ellfie

Author: Speech Writer… Silver Tongues and Sapphire Eyes

Author: Bizarreserentiy aka :iconbizarreserenity:… already Perhaps In Another Life
NEW Chapters 21 to 29 updated!!… Ashes ***New one-shot***… Jumping At Shadows… Turning the Tables… Shades of Azure… Mercy… Breath

Author: where have all the cowboys gone
***NEW*** wherehaveallthecowboysgone.tum… Hostage (its both amorra and korrlok just to let you guys know if you aren't keen on the korrlok but it's totally worth the read anyway so READ THAT SHIT and give her some props!!) :iconallthethingsplz:
Up to chapter 13!!
wherehaveallthecowboysgone.tum… The Greatest Trophy of the Revolution
Now on!!…

Author: Rehab17 aka :iconpeachpretty17:… Tango
Chapter 3 Update!!!

Author: LittleBoyography… Terms of Enrampagement Its a working title.

Author: Alkhemy Flynch
***NEW***… The Old Fire
Up to Chapter 3…… Naraka

Author: KitKatKittyKat007… Taming You
Chapter 5 Update!!

Author: Incidental_Villainess… Switch
also… Strictly Business… Synergy

Author: Sparverius… Martyrs… Cages
Chapter 4 Update!!!

Author:  Don't take me serious… Thicker than Water
up to chapter 8…… Equilibrium… Smirk
Chapter 8 has been updated!!!

Regning-oftheblackforest… Captured

=====     =====

Also be sure to check the fanfiction section of the fc for Amorra fics submitted right here on DA as well!!

Like These two: by :iconjanamay:
and (this story can also be now found here at… by :iconeightiesgirl:

=====     =====     =====

And again like always guys make sure any pictures and fanfics you find outside of Deviantart PLEASE , PLEASE comment and post us to links in this blog or the other one for amorra fanart YOU'VE FOUND so I can update these blogs kai?

***Does anyone know how to archive fic prompts from here:… there is some interesting Amorra prompts that have been filled that I would like to put together for anyone who wants to read them if you have not read them yet!! ***
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Le-Feline Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Professional Writer
Book Air is updated to chapter 6 already. It just updated a few hours ago too.
battlefieldarms Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
WAIT! WHAT!?!?!?!

you are the author of "forgotten scars"?

please marry me!
Littlegolddandelion Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
Possesive is a broken link. The story isn't found.
The-Devil-Butterfly Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was there...i searched, the author deleted all their fics :/
Littlegolddandelion Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Awwww.... Too bad. Were they good?
The-Devil-Butterfly Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know, its unfortunate. I sadly don't know I never got a chance to read them before they took it down. :/
Littlegolddandelion Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Well I'm still drowning in all this other Amorra stuff. It's all good. :)
SaiyanWarrior002 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
There's a humorous one involving them called The Evils of Cactus Juice. I'd recommend it.

Le-Feline Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Professional Writer
Book Air - multi-chapter time-trravelling fic. Already up to chapter 3.

The-Devil-Butterfly Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:3 okay!
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